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Responding to the needs of a growing a community of divers travelling ever further afield in the search for undersea adventure, we have expanded our scope to bring you EVEN MORE of the very best from the world of diving!

For dive travel, underwater photography, and lifestyle, Scuba Diver OCEAN PLANET with THROUGH THE LENS will be out on newsstands on September 15, 2014.

With an emphasis on dive destinations we bring you the inspiration and information you need for diving all over the world, with stories from Asia, the Americas, Europe, Africa and Oceania in every issue. 

In partnership with DivePhotoGuide.com we will continue to bring you the finest images from the worlds best underwater photographers, and the most relevant information on underwater photography techniques and equipment. 

Recognising that diving is a lifestyle, we now provide information in every issue for divers and their families – gear, gadgets, activities and accessories for time spent both above and below the waves. 

​Scuba Diver OCEAN PLANET is also the official publication of:

The HANS HASS FIFTY FATHOMS AWARD, recognising exceptional and pioneering work in the fields of underwater science, technology, arts and literature.


COUSTEAU DIVERS, a mobilised, international community of divers actively committed to caring about the marine environment and contributing to its protection.

Continuing Scuba Diver’s legacy of excellence, Scuba Diver OCEAN PLANET is now poised to become the world’s leading print dive magazine. 

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Aug 2014


by Scuba Diver - Through The Lens

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Un poisson perroquet, lui manque que les plumes et la parole Photo: Vincent Truchet — with Mélo Dive and Vincent Truchet.

Aug 2014


A photo competition with NO LIMTS, you say? Oh yes! We're getting so psyched abo...

by Scuba Diver - Through The Lens

A photo competition with NO LIMTS, you say? Oh yes! We're getting so psyched about ADEX China, we've launched the NO LIMITS Underwater Photo Competition!

NO LIMITS and one amazing set of prizes:
The SIBU ISLAND RESORT will welcome the winner for three days and two nights. This idyllic island, tucked away in the South China Sea is a sanctuary in Nature. Six dives are included in the prize, courtesy of Divenautic. The winner will also get peace of mind with a Membership and Master Plan Insurance package from DAN Asia-Pacific, a MARES MATRIX dive computer to ensure safe, happy diving, and one set of Force Fins.

One runner-up will take home a USD100 voucher from FUN-IN UNDERWATER PHOTO EQUIPMENT.

Deadline for entries is September 15, 2014

For more information go to:


Aug 2014


It's less than a month away! Join us in Shanghai for ADEX China! https://www.yo...

by Scuba Diver - Through The Lens

It's less than a month away! Join us in Shanghai for ADEX China!


Get ready for ADEX China!

Join ADEX in Shanghai for a jam-packed, fun-filled underwater sports and travel expo like no other! September 19 - 21 Shanghai World Expo and Convention Cent...