Asian Diver Issue 1/2013

The Relishing, Revelry of Wrecks

From war graves to being part of some the most significant moments in history, the haunting, alluring pull of wrecks have been the pinnacle of the human soul and profundity of us mortals’ demise – those who heed the call of the deep.

In visiting some of these melancholic, lingering giants, we are awed, more perhaps because they represent a testament to man’s constant strive to immortalise an even more colossal entity called life.

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Dive West

by rico besserdich

From Cypriot origins to a Turkish rebirth 1,000 years later, we revisit the oldest known shipwreck in the world. Found at 45 metres near Kas on the south coast of the Antalya region of Turkey, much of what is recovered is said to have given scientists answers they thought they’d never find answers to.

Moments In Diving

by angelia tan

Every now and then, passion takes hold and gives one the capacity to dive the depths of daydreams and delights. In the case of the Cressi brothers, it also produced some of today’s essential diving gear.

Home Wrecker

by nick coburn phillips

The apathetic remains of great vessels now serves as some of the best habitats for sealife, enduring a species or shielding another, while encouraging populations of yet more genus to thrive. It seems that these titans, once built to serve man, now aids the purpose of a greater cause.

dive for life
Raking In The Wrecks

by angelia tan

Two thousand five hundred dives in, Oxana Istratovav is as enthusiatsric about wrecks as she was the first time she saw one on her first dive trip out. Trimix Instructor, Technical Wreck Instructor and Adv.EANx Instructor Trainer, among other notches on her weight belt, Oxana is one of a few wreck experts that continue to inspire the world of scuba diving.

dive north
Russian America

by bogdana vashchenko

We circle the Russian ship christened America and watch its history come alive, when Russian Emperor Nicholas I first set eyes on it in 1829. Since then, America became a stoic bookmark in the pages of Russian America.

dive the doria
Planning for insanity

by bernie chowdhury

We travel northeast and go on a journey of the deep with internationally acclaimed author and dive instructor, Bernie Chowdhury, as he dives the luxury Italian ocean liner Andrea Doria. It sank after a collision with the Stockholm in 1956 and came to rest in 73 metres of cold, dark water off Nantucket.

dive southeast
A whole lot of wrecks

navot bornovski

This section visits a plethora of wrecks from the South China Sea to the Indian and Pacific Oceans. From most popular to most diveable to most significant in the region’s history, we take a pleasurable plunge to visit these haunting ocean giants.


On The Cover

Old timer: A photo as old as the wreck in it