ADEX Ambassador 2014/2015

Outstanding Projects, Extraordinary Divers

ADEX Ambassadors (2015–2016)

The ADEX Ambassadors (2015–2016) is open again this year to applicants of any gender, age, nationality and background that are doing good work within the vast Asian region. From Turkey to Fiji, Russia to Australia, they have to be divers who possess a talent for independent thinking and the capacity to embrace projects that require determination in the face of considerable odds.

ADEX Ocean Ambassador (2015-2016)
ADEX Dolphin Ambassador (2015-2016)

Download: ADEX 2015 Ambassador Application Form

Interested in being an ADEX Ambassador? Fill up the application form and submit it along with a half body photograph of yourself!
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Download: ADEX 2015 Ambassador Rate Card

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