Frequently Asked Questions


The ADEX OCEAN AMBASSADOR can be of any nationality and background that are doing good work within the vast Asian region from Turkey to Fiji, Russia to Australia. The ADEX OCEAN AMBASSADOR possesses a talent for independent thinking and the capacity to embrace projects that require determination in the face of considerable odds.

Why did ADEX set up the ADEX OCEAN AMBASSADOR Award?

The ADEX AMBASSADOR Award was set up to further the values ADEX and Asian Geographic Magazines Pte Ltd have always believed in. 2013 starts the ADEX OCEAN AMBASSADOR Award proper, where effort is recognised for those who have laboured and dived for a cause that has affected our seas and oceans.

When is the Award presented?

The ADEX OCEAN AMBASSADOR Award is presented at ADEX every year. The ADEX AMBASSADOR will receive the Award at a special ceremony in the presence of distinguished guests during the ADEX event.

How are winners chosen?

An international jury of independent experts, which typically includes explorers, conservationists, scientists, doctors, educators and innovators, chooses the ADEX OCEAN AMBASSADOR.

What are the selection criteria?

The ADEX OCEAN AMBASSADOR Award supports pioneering work in environment, exploration and discovery and science. Projects are assessed on their originality, potential for impact, feasibility and, above all, on the candidates own fortitude for ocean conservation.


ADEX recognises the energising approach that passionate people have to solving problems. The ADEX OCEAN AMBASSADOR Award has appreciation for far-sighted young divers.

What does the ADEX AMBASSADOR receive?

Each ADEX OCEAN AMBASSADOR will receive funding (as much as is needed, pending board approval) for his or her project. In addition, ADEX will ensure the winner receives access to its network of hundreds of divers who are explorers, conservationists, scientists, doctors, educators and innovators, as well as the benefit of regional/international publicity through media coverage in Asian Diver magazine, Scuba Diver Australasia, ASIAN Geographic magazine, The Read magazine and other media as part of press releases as and when necessary.