Asian Diver Issue 2/2015

The Big Blue Book

With four families across 41 species and 59 subspecies, the dolphin has been nothing but one of the most affably intellectual beings we know. Yet, one of its greatest threats is man. It does allow for a great amount of reflection about our own race and the increasingly significant role we must play in the world today, as we watch an ever-increasing number of species leap onto the IUCN Red List. With the baiji being possibly extinct, it is another heart-rending reminder of a loss we have to explain to our children. However, as we attune our actions in ringing the death knell of such mammals, we must also maintain calibration in attempting to be their saviours. Equilibrium is perhaps also necessary in dealing with dolphins in captivity. After all, we must weigh their role as ambassadors of conservation against our worth as guardians of the Earth and all her gifts. There is a middle road. We just have to try a lot harder to find this path. I hope you begin your journey at the ever-significant Asia Dive Expo, as we celebrate the delightful dolphin this year.

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Featured Article

Cenderawasih’s Secrets

Well into the 21st century, we imagine the age of species discovery to be over. The great expeditions, which filled museums with new specimens, are at an end. Remarkably, northern Papua’s Cenderawasih Bay has kept its secrets for millions of years. Here, numerous indigenous fishes evolved in its out-of-the-way waters, which have only recently been discovered by western science. 

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Conservation: Saving the Mantas of Komodo

From communities to governments to the private sector 

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