Asian Diver Issue 4/2014

World Iconic Dive Sites in Asia

Asia has always been blessed with lavish richness underwater. This is because of the fortunate position it has come to rest on over the millennia, coupled with the history of man, making it a nucleus for the best of diving the world over. We celebrate some of the world’s iconic dive destinations found only in Asia, which thus provide Asian Diver a playground like nowhere else on Earth.

Keep it real, keep it fun, keep it compelling…

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The Lembeh Liturgy
Much ado about muck

*By: Tim Ho

In Lembeh, where rare, swift marine critters thrive in camouflaged environments, the odd tip or trick is handy to ensure underwater photographers don’t return empty-handed. Contrasted against a gargantuan dive site, perfect timing and impeccable knowledge of tiny animal behaviour come hand-in-hand with bagging the most difficult, yet peerlessly fascinating shots.

It’s Shoaltime

*By: Jun V Lao

From three to beyond 10 metres in Moalboal’s daylight waters, a mammoth school of sardines magnificently obscures sunlight. Blowing the minds of avid divers for over a decade, turtle encounters and shark play amidst this still growing, massive shoal, rendering this site a must-visit for phenomenon-crazy divers.

Doing Subic

*By: Jun V Lao

A historic trove of WWII wrecks, Subic Bay is becoming a site to look out for. It could be a haven for hardcore tek divers who are willing to brave highly turbid waters for breathtaking highlights – such as huge wrecks, tornadoes and estuaries that bring about a profusion of gaudy, eye-popping marine creatures.

Gone Tek
A Diver’s Diary
The Final Entry

*By: Will Goodman

Plunging into his final dive of his world record attempt of over 290 metres with a closed circuit rebreather, Will Goodman contends with a switch in dive location, staggered entry times and final checks on his JJ-CCR. Presenting a blow-by-blow account on the extremely challenging descent and ascent, he describes why the best thing about a deep dive is still the free fall.

Revisiting Tulamben
More than one way to approach an icon

*By: Chris Simanjuntak

Scanning the seabed, one is entranced by a legendary historical shipwreck, beautifully embellished with myriad soft corals. Here is one chrished location where marine life flourishes in variety and abundance alongside diving tourism – mutually reinforcing elements that make Tulamben a truly unique underwater icon.

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