Asian Diver Issue 1/2015

True Explorers

THE New Year brings in fresh new resolutions and this is exactly what Asian Diver has plunged into. With a new look, new approach and newfound gumption, every issue of Asian Diver this year will send your fins a-flappin’ and inspire nonstop plunges to keep your gills wet. We begin the year with adventures unlike any other; voyages not for the weak and tales that have become legends, boldly going where no one has gone before. We salute these boys and acknowledge their endeavours that have always been to stretch the limits of Man’s journey into the blue.

Keep it real, keep it fun, keep it compelling…

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The Deep Dive to “Andreas’ Wreck”

By: Damien Siviero, TDI Trimix OC and CCR

At a depth of 74 metres, the twilight dark revealed barely the outline of the “Andreas’ Wreck” – later discovered to be a section of the SS Yamba. Braving turbid currents and stinging jellyfish, a tek diving duo recounts racing against time to reach their target site, hold position and surface unscathed.

Solo Black Mission: 2014

By Scott Cassell, Special Operations Dive Supervisor (USN)

In a mission to protect marine life from the ruthless illegal trade, counter-terrorism operative and child of the ocean Scott Cassell dabbles with danger at every turn. From hired murderers keen to keep Cassell’s knowledge a secret, to corrupt scientists who feed inaccurate information to the media, murky forces are making it a tough and risky battle to bring the terrible truth to light.

Deep Within the Blue

By: James Jung, TDI/SDI Instructor-Trainer

There is another world beyond the wondrous blue that only intrepid tek divers dare to enter. One such place is Palau’s Black Hole, which has earned the moniker “Temple of Doom” for the tales of hapless recreational divers who have met an untimely end in the eternal darkness within. Yet immeasurable rewards await properly equipped cave divers willing to treat this singular cavity with the respect it deserves.

The Clandestine Cave of Palawan’s Paglugaban

*By: Alex Santos, Cave/Wreck Instructor-Trainer

The skeletal remains of giant groupers on the floor of Paglugaban Island’s underwater cave are a chilling reminder of the tragic deaths of three recreational divers at this very location, decades back. However, this geologically important and aesthetically rich cave has many other stories and histories written on its ancient walls to offer the certified cave diver.

Revealing New Discoveries

By: Gideon Liew, Board of Directors, Global Underwater Explorers

A reminder of times when ancient powers were fighting for supremacy, the Panarea III wreck off northern Sicily is so well preserved that it holds several clues to history. Nothing can reveal this deep wreck’s many secrets better than the human hand – which is why a group of divers have defied the risks to dive this challenging site.

The Underwater Caves of Meizhou

By: Wu Li Xin, by way of Selina Tan

What can be more terrifying than venturing into the near-impenetrable? Lying amid Meizhou’s cave system is a deep diver’s fantasy come true, but beware – it is shrouded in morbid mystery.

The Nook at Northern Arch

By: Paul Trainor, IART JJ-CCR Instructor and TDI KISS Rebreather Instructor-Trainer

With spectacular cliffs, sudden drop-offs and chilling depths, New Zealand’s Northern Arch makes for the perfect closed-circuit rebreather diving scene.

The Kind of Wrecks You Won’t Want to Miss

By: Dharshana Jayawardena, TDI CCR Decompression Diver (Evolution/Inspiration)

Getting to the wrecks of HMS Hollyhock and SS Athelstane, vessels that played a significant role in South Asia’s World War II history, is a true test for even the fittest and most experienced diver. Be prepared to battle the risk of narcosis and fight the fierce ocean currents as you cross one of the last frontiers of diving in Sri Lanka.